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  Copper Kettle   Product Information

Heavy duty Copper Kettles are nice to have around your fire pit. These are tin lined for easy cleaning and health safety. They come in three sizes and each have a copper bail. Buy just one size, or the set for extra savings.

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  Cup, Horn   Product Information

Want a neat drinking cup? Then get a Horn Cup made from a cow horn. Great for all those cold drinks like cola, beer and spirits. The horn helps to insulate and keep your drink cooler longer. Each cup is about 5" tall and the top is around 2 ½ to 3 inches across. Color selection is distributed at random. Here is a toast to you, may you have good health, good fortune and happiness.

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Price $8.00
  Fire Blow Tube   Product Information

Tired of breathing smoke while trying to start a fire? Try using our Fire Blow Tube It is 14 inches long for easy packing and storage, and telescopes for use. It is expandable to approximately 30 inches overall. Made in the U.S.A. of solid brass with a wooden mouth piece.

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Price $20.00
  Fire Cones   Product Information

Fire Cones are one of the most unique items made from a pinecone. When you put them into the hot coals around the campfire, it will change the colors of the flames into, a rich green, a vibrant blue, and a dazzling purple. This then mixes in with the reds, yellows, and oranges of normal flames. It makes for a very romantic evening while sitting around your campfire late at night. If no one sees you put them into the coals, just listen for the suprised sounds of ooh, ahh and wow.

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Price $0.50
  Fork, Classic 3 Tine   Product Information

Hand forged classic 3 Tine Forks are hard to come by , but you can get them here. Made with a curly maple handle and very tough steel, these forks will last until you lose them. Not to worry, I have more.

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Price $25.00
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