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Canvas, Sunforger
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Need some canvas? How about Sunforger Canvas? It is the best canvas on the market. We carry it in 10.38 oz. with or without flame retardancy or 13 ounce with flame retardancy. It is approximately 36 inches wide. Sunforger is a fantastic treatment that combines water repellency, marine finish, and boatshrunk applications. The result is a strong, but lightweight canvas that sheds water, resists mildew, mold, algae, and fungi; and has a small shrinkage factor. Because it is a dry application, finished products made of sunforger are lighter in weight than other canvas.

10.38 oz @ $6.00 per yard,
10.38 oz flame retardant @ $8.00 per yard
13.0 oz flame retardant @ $9.50 per yard


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